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12 tips to Make Learning Fun with road safety

Author: Bharti Bhikha \ January 12, 2019


Help with children’s understanding of vehicles on our roads


Road safety programmes are most effective when parents and care settings work together to deliver consistent messages to young children. Our Let’s Go resource pack is clearly structured around key learning outcomes which are approached through fun activities that can be done at home or in nursery schools. It is vitally important when working with children that they are engaged and entertained by the materials. Our set of characters have been developed to appeal to a wide cross-section of children. Each character is responsible for a particular aspect of road safety and can help children understand more about keeping safe when using roads and pavements. In this blog, we will introduce you to Daniel who helps children explore different types of vehicles, how fast they travel and the noises they make.

How the CTC resources can help with children’s understanding of vehicles on our roads

Daniel lives with his dad and cat Tommy in a town house and he likes to go walking and feed the ducks. He is presented as a fun loving boy who loves different types of vehicles. Through Daniel, children can learn about big and small vehicles, the noises that vehicles make and that all vehicles can be dangerous. Try some of the following activities:

  • Using the AR (augmented reality) app with page 15 of the book, children can practice identifying big and small vehicles and pages 16/17 teach them about fast/slow and noisy/quiet.
  • Talk about how what traffic is and learn the names of different types of vehicles.
  • The Children’s Traffic Club resources include activity worksheets which encourage children learn the names of vehicles by keeping a tally of different big and small vehicles.
  • Many children find different vehicles exciting so take the opportunity when out walking to spend time trying to spot more unusual vehicles such as car transporters, tractors or milk floats.
  • Out in the real world, a game of I-spy can help to reinforce your child’s understanding of each vehicle type.
  • Use old boxes, cartons and bottle tops to make recycled vehicles.
  • Help children to understand the different Emergency Services vehicles, that they travel very quickly and make lots of noise and when you might need to call each one.
  • Play a traffic noises game where the children run around and when they hear the name of a vehicle they have to imitate how it moves and sounds, trying not to bump into each other.
  • Explain to your child that the amount of noise a vehicle is making helps us to understand how far away it may be.
  • However, with current technology, many cars are almost silent and children need to be made aware that they will not always be able to hear a car coming and must look carefully as well.
  • Children can cut pictures of different vehicles from newspapers and magazines to make a poster of big and small, quiet and noisy vehicles to extend their learning.
  • Help children to realise that the faster a vehicle is moving, the longer it takes to stop.

In our next blog, we explore the different types of streets and roads that children might encounter in town and in the country and how to stay safe wherever you may be walking.

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