Early Years - Children's Traffic Club

Early Years

The successful delivery of any education intervention can be greatly increased if there is a shared responsibility within the early years’ settings with parents/carers. With many parents working, nurseries, playgroups, preschool professionals and childminders have a vital part in participating in young children’s lives.

The Children’s Traffic Club (CTC) road safety and active travel education pack for under 5’s provides early years practitioners with a teaching resource to instil positive safer road habits, introduce skills that will influence their long-term behaviour and attitudes when making travel choices. It also promotes walking, scooting and cycling to support the reduction of congestion around your settings during peak times.

The Pack has been developed in association with early year’s specialists, road safety and diversity experts ensuring all the lesson plans and activities are clearly signposted so you can quickly and easily identify the most suitable resource for delivering each of the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

This will support you to observe, assess and plan activities based on children’s interests and support progress across all areas.

Early Years Pack

The pack includes features that will support the teaching.

  • An Early Years Guide with lesson outlines, 30 photocopiable activity sheets and much more!
  • The CTC Let’s Go augmented reality (AR) learning and activity book, covering 12 key topics with reward stickers.
  • 18 flashcards to use with or without the AR.
  • Free App with supporting interactive games.
  • A3 active travel visual aid with pictorial details to emphasise messages and topics. Hints/questions on the reverse for discussions.
  • Informative poster for use on notice boards
  • A Top tips poster
  • 30 parent leaflets for distribution and raise awareness of CTC
  • Contained in a flexible, durable wallet

Make a difference and promote active travel and road safety in your setting.

Engage and encourage use

Support CTC by increasing awareness, extending the benefits to those they engage with, encouraging participation particularly in high deprivation areas and BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnics) groups where young children are most vulnerable and maximising the effectiveness.

  • Using the Learning and Activity book and flashcards in small groups and:
  • Read the stories, role play and discuss important messages
  • Use mobile devices and show them the AR – they will love it!
  • Work through a theme at a time
  • Talk about the images on the flashcards; the name, what they are, what they do and how they help us
  •  Discuss the child and balloon characters – read, repeat, reinforce their names and their message.
  •  Download and print free online fun sheets – use them to set home tasks to actively engage the children.
  •  Create collages / posters with child and balloon characters.
  •  Encourage children to use the members pack at home.
  • Organise events around road safety week.
  •  Run a competition to find and reward the most active travellers.
  •  Create daily reward charts that recognises those that have used an active method of travel.
  •  Most importantly, encourage parents to join the Club.

How it works

There are a number of ways CTC can be delivered:

1. Order the pack and the step by step guide will provide you a structured approach of how you can introduce CTC into your teaching – and remember if follows the EYFS framework.

2. Your local authority plays a vital role on delivering active travel and road safety education in your area. Read Road Safety and Active Travel Partners to find more about their role. Contact your local road safety/school travel plan co-ordinator on how they can support you in delivering CTC and getting the pack.

3. Become a CTC Ambassador to promote and raise awareness on the benefits of integrating CTC as part of little one’s learning.

What practitioners say

The characters

Child characters represent and reflect wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds. Find out more on each, by clicking on the arrows. Memorable balloon characters represent a variety of important messages and reinforce the learning to maximise retention. Click here to download all the balloon messages. You can use this as a poster to introduce the characters, their names and messages.