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Author: Bharti Bhikha \ September 24, 2019


The successful delivery of any education intervention can be greatly increased if there is a shared responsibility within the early years – Road safety.

Early years care settings have a crucial role to play in educating young children about road safety skills and active travel both for their own wellbeing and for that of others. Our Let’s Go resource pack for Early Years settings provides a clear structured program aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. The pack contains our innovative Let’s Go Augmented Reality enabled learning book, fun stickers, flashcards, posters, lesson plans and 30 printable worksheets. Each topic is focused around key learning outcomes which are approached through fun activities that can be done in nursery or other care settings and reinforced by parents at home. It is vitally important when working with children that they are engaged and entertained by the materials. A set of balloon and child characters have been developed to appeal to a wide cross-section of children and each are responsible for a particular aspect of road safety to help children understand, retain and reinforce the messages and develop key skills.

How can Early Years settings make best use of the CTC resources?

Whilst the programme is designed to provide progression through the main aspects of road safety, it is also flexible so you can dip in and out to suit your organisation’s needs and the needs of your pupils.

The Let’s Go book: There are 12 key messages; each has a clear lesson plan and is connected to one of the six child characters in the book. The book can be used to structure your lesson and you can mix and match it with all the other resources, such as the posters, flashcards, app and worksheets.

The App: The AR (augmented reality) app works alongside the book. Wherever you see the AR star on the bottom right corner of the page, you can use the app to enhance children’s learning via tablet or smartphone. For example, on page 21, children can practice remembering the key STOP, LOOK, LISTEN and THINK message.

Flashcards: There are four sets of flashcards that allow children to get a deeper understanding of different types of people, the different places people live and how they live their lives. The flashcards can be used with or without the app to enable discussions about staying fit and healthy, what traffic is on our roads and how we can stay safer on the roads.

Games: Within the app, there are games to further enhance learning around keeping active, good nutrition, types of vehicles.
Active travel map: This visual aid provides plenty of opportunities for discussing the 12 key messages and can be used on its own or in conjunction with other resources to reinforce children’s learning.

Printable worksheets: These fun activity worksheets provide further engagement with each topic by also enabling parents to be involved with activities they can do in the ‘home’ environment.

Leaflets/posters: Help make parents aware of how you are teaching road safety by handing out our parent leaflet and encouraging them to use the CTC resources you provide or getting their own pack. Display the Parent Tips poster in a prominent waiting area such as the drop-off/pick up point so that parents are exposed to the same key messages as their children.

If your care setting is interested in finding out more about how The Children’s Traffic Club programme can benefit your children, please get in contact via our simple form.

Here’s what some early years practitioners had to say about the Early Years resource pack:

“Really lovely looking content with plenty of opportunities to extend the children’s learning. The images allow for further discussion around a topic and the activities are lots of fun too!”
Becky, Nursery leader

“Very good resource for all ages. Very engaging and the augmented reality really added to the learning”
Kala, childminder

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