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How early years settings can help teach road safety

Early years settings can play a role in educating children about road safety skills and active travel both for their own wellbeing and for that of others.

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How to teach road safety to toddlers and preschoolers

How to make learning fun and introduce children and their family to vital road safety messages.

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Being seen when out travelling with children

Parents need to feel secure that their child is prepared for the independent journeys they will make when they are older and being seen by other road users is a vital message to learn.

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Brother and Sister on Scooters

How children can keep fit whilst having fun

Encouraging children to engage in active travel young, will benefit their health and wellbeing as they become older and make independent travel choices

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little boy holding fathers

Add depth to what parents are already doing as positive role models

To influence children’s long-term behaviour by inspiring, involving and motivating young children to learn road safety

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brother and sister on red and silver scooters

Prepares under 5s for safer, more active independent journeys in a memorable

Parents are often extremely concerned about how to keep their children safe from traffic when they are out and about

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