Work with us


The Children’s Traffic Club works by building unique partnerships with local and national government organisations. Here are some we work with or previously have done:

  • Transport for London
  • The Welsh Assembly
  • The Scottish Government
  • North Yorkshire County Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • Salford County Council
  • Stoke on Trent County Council

This multifaceted approach means the Club reaches children either directly in their homes, or through educational and child care establishments, (often by both routes).

The Club was recommended in the Government Strategy. Government set a target of reducing fatal and serious casualties on our roads by 40% by 2010, of which 50% was to be child casualties measured against the average for 1984-1998. A 60% reduction was actually achieved!

If you would like to work with us too, please email us

Retailers/ distributors

We pride ourselves in providing a product with additional merchandise that contributes to helping save the lives of young children on our roads.

There is a unique opportunity for retailers to distribute within their stores, highly ethical products ‘with a difference’.

If you would like to find out more about potential opportunities, please email us


The Club operates a number of unique partnerships with corporates, charities and membership bodies whose passions and beliefs match our ethos of educating young children on how to keep safe on our streets.

Partnerships are formed on a bespoke basis developing new and exciting delivery mechanisms such as publishing, distribution, employee and customer benefit schemes as well as value added services for memberships and stakeholders.

If you are interested in discussing how The Children’s Traffic Club could work with your organisation, please email us


dbda ltd are the Intellectual Property owner of The Children’s Traffic Club and all its components. Using any part of The Children’s Traffic Club without prior consent is classified as infringement; however dbda would like to share best practise and help other professionals bring this life saving concept into their country and environment.

This can be achieved through the following:

DVD resource available to purchase with no modification
This option is most suitable for English speaking countries that drive on the left hand side of the road. This would involve purchasing a bulk quantity of the product and creating your own home distribution model via schools or local government to build any links.

DVD resource available to purchase with minor modification
The UK resource is available for other countries to purchase off the shelf with the opportunity to modify as per your requirements, in conjunction with dbda.

This option would be the most suitable if you would like a tailored resource for country language spoken and road environments/ infrastructure etc. This would involve modifying the resource and purchasing a bulk quantity for distribution via home or schools.

Contractual licence agreement
Those wanting to licence The Children’s Traffic Club can enter a contractual licence agreement with dbda ltd (as the copyright owner) to cover the use of intent for The Club in your country.

This licence agreement allows a client to licence the use of The Club logo and all of its components  for implementation into their own resource/ intervention.

Should the client wish to modify The Club in any way to suit their requirements, all changes must be signed off by the copyright owner dbda through an agreed approval process.

If you would like to find out how the Club could be taken to your country, please email us