The Club - Children's Traffic Club

The Club

Never has teaching under 5s vital road safety and active travel messages been simpler or more fun and interactive! The Children’s Traffic Club (CTC) works to influence and change attitudes and behaviour of children by engaging them in how to keep safe in a fun way!

What you get

Activity and learning book, stickers, flashcards, App, games, fun sheets and certificate.

How it works

Our Club blends traditional books with the added excitement of augmented reality (AR).


Download the free App.

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If you don’t have access to download, don’t worry, you can use the pack without the App.

Children will still have the opportunity to learn all the important road safety and active travel messages.


Scan the flashcards using a phone or tablet device and look out for the pages in the book with the icon


Watch the magic happen – images will jump off the page and animate!

Most importantly, repeat and reinforce what you have learned with your child when out and about to strengthen understanding.

Let's go!

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There are 12 fun sheets relating to each theme for you to download here.

Use the ‘Fit and fun’ fun sheet and encourage your child to keep a log whilst travelling to and from nursery.


Use the ‘Match the gloves’ fun sheet for more learning and fun.


Use the ‘Count the vehicles’ fun sheet and encourage your child to keep a log while travelling.


Use the ‘Let’s hear’ fun sheet and help them identify, sort and draw.


Use the ‘How to cross’ fun sheet to help your child remember the rules and order of crossing the road.


Use the ‘Stay bright’ fun sheet and let your child colour in the pictures.


Use the ‘On the pavement’ fun sheet and draw you and your family walking on the pavement.


Use the ‘Karen in the country’ fun sheet, colour the picture and cut out the jigsaw pieces.


Use the ‘Zebra crossing’ fun sheet to build your own safer crossing place.


Use the ‘Red and green man signal’ fun sheet as templates to colour in


Use the ‘Draw seatbelts’ fun sheet and talk about the different types of child seats


Use the ‘spot the difference’ fun sheet to help you spot the dangers.



Click on the certificate to download and print for your child.

Characters and topics

The picture stories and activities represent a variety of road safety and active travel situations.

These characters are developed to retain, reinforce and make learning fun. The six child characters represent the main ethnic groups in the UK, and reflect a wide range of cultural and economic backgrounds to allow children to find elements they identify with.