Partners - Children's Traffic Club


To date over 3 million children have benefitted.

Our holistic approach working with committed partners and smart collaborations with frontline practitioners, government, strategic stakeholders has greatly contributed it’s the success.

Partners whose passions and beliefs match our ethos of educating young children on how to be safer and more active can:

  • Have a strategic role in reaching a targeted audience
  • Provide legitimate licence to operate
  • Share and align your brands ethos and values

The Children’s Traffic Club:

Early Years

The successful delivery of any education intervention can be greatly increased if there is a shared responsibility within the early years’ settings with parents/carers. With many parents working, nurseries, playgroups, preschool professionals and childminders have a vital part in participating in young children’s lives. Working with the Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY), we have ensured that all the activities are clearly signposted so you can quickly and easily identify the most suitable resource for delivering each of the areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This will support you to observe, assess and plan activities based on children’s interests and support progress across all areas.


How it works

  • CTC programme
  • 'Call to Action' postal
  • Registration forms sent to CTC via online/post
  • CTC pack mailed to registered nurseries
  • Nursery distribute to children/parent
  • Parent and child access online content - FREE!

Help raise awareness and encourage parents to use the material by:

  • Using the Learning and Activity book and flashcards in small groups and:
  • Read the stories, role play and discuss important messages
  • Use mobile devices and show them the AR – they will love it!
  • Work through a theme at a time
  • Talk about the images on the flashcards; the name, what they are, what they do and how they help us
  • Discuss the child and balloon characters – read, repeat, reinforce their names and their message.
  • Download and print free online fun sheets – use them to set home tasks to actively engage the children.
  • Create collages / posters with child and balloon characters.
  • Encourage children to use the members pack at home.
  • Organise events around road safety week.
  • Run a competition to find and reward the most active travellers.
  • Create daily reward charts that recognises those that have used an active method of travel.
  • Most importantly, encourage parents to join the Club.


There’s lot of content that will support you teach vital lifesaving messages, while having fun!


Road Safety/Active Plan

Road Safety Officers, School Travel Advisors and Health Professionals all play an invaluable role in supporting the Club by encouraging awareness and uptake of the programme in their local area. Your support is critical in promoting the programme by engaging and communicating with nurseries, playgroups, childminders and professionals who work with this audience. There are many ways you can help raise awareness and encourage uptake with parent/child groups that you work and/or partner with by:

  • Visit nurseries and playgroups and encourage using the materials
  • Investigate potential partners such as Child Information Centres and/or parent carer groups
  • Opportunity to develop editorial/advertorial in local publications to promote the Club in your area:
    • Newsletter
    • Magazines
    • Websites
  • Advocate the Club via libraries, doctor’s surgeries, faith groups.

In areas where the Club has been funded from Central or Local government, we have been able to work in partnership to reach even the most vulnerable in the target audience. We have developed a bespoke system of data capture that easily identifies/prioritises those postcodes which would most benefit from a more targeted approach.

Corporate Partners

By becoming a CTC corporate partner you can help make an impact on the lives of children in the communities that you work in and raise awareness of the important benefits of teaching road safety and active travel. There’s no ‘one size fits all’, contact us to find out how your organisation can ‘Get Involved’