Your child/your role

It’s horrible to think… but the reality is that every 3 minutes somewhere in the world a child dies as a result of a road related incident.

Your child

  • Love exploring and are eager to learn.
  • Are full of life and are strong willed.
  • Want to please and be helpful.
  • Like to be praised when they get it right.
  • Have little idea of danger and do unexpected things.
  • Copy what grown-ups do.

Your role

This multi-sensory DVD material has been designed to give you all the tools you need to inspire, motivate and actively involve your young child.  Remember, young children cannot cope with roads and traffic themselves – never allow them to go out on their own. Because of their size, young children see in a very different way to grown-ups. Try crouching down to see what they see – it will help you explain the dangers better.

Never forget, you are your child’s main role model!  So set a good example at all times. Reinforce the lessons they are learning by doing what is suggested in the stories to keep safe when out and about.

Remind them of the stories and practise stopping, holding hands, crossing safely, etc. Give praise when they remember and do something well.  You can use the stickers as rewards for good ‘safe’ behaviour!

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