Road safety at home

With these exciting resources, you can help your child to learn vital lifesaving road safety messages, from the safety of your home, while having fun!

To get the best out of your child’s membership, simply read and listen to one story each week. Each story introduces an important road safety message.  Then you can reinforce the message by playing the interactive game, listening to the song and using the fun sheet and balloon stickers.  Sit with your child and share the experience guiding them through. They will soon want to play the stories and games themselves! Each time the messages will be getting reinforced.

Keep the fun going, by talking together about what they have been learning. Try to involve other family members, like siblings if you can – that will make it even more fun. Simple activities like pointing out and talking about various types of traffic, road crossings, safe play areas, peoples’ behaviour, etc, in TV programmes, films, in magazines or online will help emphasise what they are learning.

If you would like to try out some of the interactive games, stories, sing-alongs and activities, just visit each of the sections or to join a new member, please click here