Hints and tips

Always set a good example

Use safer places to cross

  • Find a safer place to cross, such as – Zebra, Pelicans, Footbridges,
    Subways, Traffic islands.
  • Do not cross between parked cars if there is a safer place nearby.
  • If you have to cross between parked cars go to the edge of the car and
    STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before you cross.

Always wear seatbelts in the car
  • Make everyone wears seatbelts, every trip.
  • Do not sit a child on your lap, or share seat belts.
  • Make sure they always get out of the car on the side furthest away from traffic.

Wear bright colours to be seen

  • Wear bright or fluorescent clothes on dull days.
  • Wear something reflective when it’s dark.

Always play away from traffic

  • Never let children play on or near a road.
  • Play in parks, playgrounds, or safe gated gardens.
  • Make sure they always have an adult they know with them.