It’s horrible to think… but the reality is that every 3 minutes somewhere in the world a child dies as a result of a road related incident.

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Your child

  • Love exploring and are eager to learn.
  • Are full of life and are strong willed.
  • Want to please and be helpful.
  • Like to be praised when they get it right.
  • Have little idea of danger and do unexpected things.
  • Copy what grown-ups do.

Your role

This multi-sensory DVD material has been designed to give you all the tools you need to inspire, motivate and actively involve your young child.  Remember, young children cannot cope with roads and traffic themselves – never allow them to go out on their own. Because of their size, young children see in a very different way to grown-ups. Try crouching down to see what they see – it will help you explain the dangers better.

Never forget, you are your child’s main role model!  So set a good example at all times. Reinforce the lessons they are learning by doing what is suggested in the stories to keep safe when out and about.

Remind them of the stories and practise stopping, holding hands, crossing safely, etc. Give praise when they remember and do something well.  You can use the stickers as rewards for good ‘safe’ behaviour!

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Road safety at home

With these exciting resources, you can help your child to learn vital lifesaving road safety messages, from the safety of your home, while having fun!

To get the best out of your child’s membership, simply read and listen to one story each week. Each story introduces an important road safety message.  Then you can reinforce the message by playing the interactive game, listening to the song and using the fun sheet and balloon stickers.  Sit with your child and share the experience guiding them through. They will soon want to play the stories and games themselves! Each time the messages will be getting reinforced.

Keep the fun going, by talking together about what they have been learning. Try to involve other family members, like siblings if you can – that will make it even more fun. Simple activities like pointing out and talking about various types of traffic, road crossings, safe play areas, peoples’ behaviour, etc, in TV programmes, films, in magazines or online will help emphasise what they are learning.

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Hints and Tips

Always set a good example

Use safer places to cross

  • Find a safer place to cross, such as – Zebra, Pelicans, Footbridges,
    Subways, Traffic islands.
  • Do not cross between parked cars if there is a safer place nearby.
  • If you have to cross between parked cars go to the edge of the car and
    STOP, LOOK, LISTEN before you cross.

Always wear seatbelts in the car

  • Make everyone wears seatbelts, every trip.
  • Do not sit a child on your lap, or share seat belts.
  • Make sure they always get out of the car on the side furthest away from traffic.

Wear bright colours to be seen

  • Wear bright or fluorescent clothes on dull days.
  • Wear something reflective when it’s dark.

Always play away from traffic

  • Never let children play on or near a road.
  • Play in parks, playgrounds, or safe gated gardens.
  • Make sure they always have an adult they know with them.

What other parents say

We get such great feedback from parents and grandparents who have joined  a new member. Its always great to receive positive comments, so we hope they keep coming!

If you would like to send some feedback please contact us, but in the meantime check out what other parents have said….

“Before, he had no road sense – he would not listen to me! Now he remembers the stories and what the balloons say – he’s much more aware of the dangers!”
(Parent, North Yorkshire)

“She just loved it – it made it so easy for me to teach her road safety!”
(Grandparent from Southampton, England)

“It can sometimes be hard to get younger children to sit and learn anything, let alone topics like road safety. My son is 4 and he has shown an interest, has taken all information in, and also remembers it when we are out and about.”
(Parent from Dumfries, Scotland)

“Repetition is very successful with young children and variety is important to sustain adult interest. I think you have managed this.”
(Parent from Carmarthenshire, Wales)

“My son loved the stickers and couldn’t wait to go through the activities so that he could stick the stickers in. This worked really well. Thanks.”
(Parent from Croydon, London)

“A great idea – made road safety fun. When characters had accidents I could encourage my children to relate by using characters as a reference i.e. ‘Remember what happened to Daniel’.”
(Parent from Sefton, England)

“Thank you. My child has definitely benefited and now doesn’t let me cross the road if the green man is not showing.”
(Parent from Newham, London)

“My child’s nursery introduced the Club in his nursery, which made him very happy, as he already knew some of the characters”.
(Parent from Rhondda Cynon Taff, Wales)

My son’s nursery did a Traffic Club topic so this reinforced the work we were doing on it at home.
(Parent from Lanarkshire, Scotland)

“My child has a learning problem and her speech is affected by this, so with all the bright pictures and the stickers it was fun for her.”
(Parent from Tayside, Scotland)