Interactive road safety pack for nurseries

Let's help combat child casualties together?

Child casualties and road death continue to rise. We need to equip our future generation with the right tools to stay safe on our streets, from a very early age!

Educators have a crucial part to play in helping develop safer attitudes and behaviours towards road safety and can, together with other professionals contribute to child accident prevention.

The Children's Traffic Clubs brand new nursery interactive pack has been designed to support early year's professionals deliver road safety education and fits nicely into structured lessons around road safety or is flexible enough to be dipped in and out of.

The pack which has been developed in line with the EYFS and ECM includes a comprehensive leader's guide with children's learning focus points, things to talk about, crafty and creative suggestion as well as active and outdoor practical ideas. There are also 3 interactive discs with 48 stories, 48 games, 48 songs and 48 downloadable fun sheets together with a photocopiable activity book.