Here are some of the questions parents often ask us. If you don’t find the answer to your question, please contact us.

I have joined a new member to the Club. When will I get my first DVD pack?
Within 10 days of sending your online or printed application.

I have joined a new member to the Club. How long does their membership last?
The membership is for one year and includes 3 DVDs, sent to the member through the post (one every four months).

The membership cost is £11.95, does this include all the material and are there any other hidden charges?
There are no other charges to joining a new member. This one off payment covers the full membership benefits and complete set of 3 DVD packs.

What if one of our DVDs doesn’t arrive?
Just give us a call on 0870 010 4440 and speak to one of our team who will be happy to help you.

What happens if we move home?
Let us know your new address as soon as possible – please phone, email or write to us with the details and we will send you the rest of your DVD’s to your new address.

If I join my child/ grandchild as a new member, will you pass my child’s details to other companies?
No. We are registered under the Data Protection Act, which means that we are not allowed to give any details about an individual, unless they have given us their express permission to do so. Your information is stored only for membership purposes.

How can I find out about other Club goodies for my child or grandchild?
Have a look at our Club webshop by visiting shop.trafficclub.co.uk  There are loads of goodies that could be an ideal Birthday or Christmas gift, such as stickers, board games, glove puppets, colouring books and much more.

I was sent information about the Club in a yellow envelope with my child’s name on. How did you get my child’s details?
You are living in one of the areas where the Local Authorities support the Club. The yellow envelope was your child’s personal invitation to join and was sent directly by your local health authority. Nobody else has seen your child’s details.