Busy parents will be extremely grateful to childminders who introduce the children in their care to the Children’s Traffic Club. Everyone benefits!

Looking after young children who are learning road safety messages will be a great advantage when you are taking them out and about.

Several children can be grouped around the PC and can enjoy learning these vital road safety messages together as they hear the stories, listen to the songs and play the games.  All children in your care, whatever their age will have fun practising the lessons learned.

The Children’s Traffic Club programme has been hugely successful for over 20 years. To date 2.5 million children and parents have become members. It remains the most researched and evaluated early years’ road safety education programme in the UK. You can have confidence that you are using tried and tested tools to educate the young ones in your care.

The Club materials can be purchased to use when minding children or maybe you would prefer to encourage their parents to join them up as a Club member. To find out more about the Club, just click here