Key messages

The Club is jam packed with lifesaving road safety messages for young children to learn, understand and then practise. Each story in the Club looks at one key message at a time, and each of the messages are reinforced throughout the games, songs, and activities to help children’s understanding and confidence in learning.

The main messages are:

  • Traffic can be dangerous, so it’s important to hold hands when out near roads.
  • Play safely away from traffic.
  • Roads are for traffic, pavements are for pedestrians.
  • Always stop at the kerb, then look and listen for traffic before crossing.
  • Always look for and use safer crossing places (Zebras, Pelicans, Toucans, Footbridges, Subways and
    Traffic Islands).
  • Wear or carry bright and light things, so you can be seen easily by drivers.
  • Always wear a seatbelt in the car.

The Club also encourages travel awareness and sustainable transport:

  • Walking.
  • Cycling.
  • Using public transport (like buses, trains and trams), instead of using the car.
  • Planning journeys and trips.

The material also talks about health and social messages:

  • Getting out and about in the fresh air.
  • How it can be a fun and healthy way to keep fit.
  • Learning about where you live.
  • Visiting new places and being with family and friends.