Club impact

We are particularly proud that The Children’s Traffic Club is the most researched, monitored and evaluated road safety education programme ever in the UK.

Since its beginnings it has been constantly monitored and evaluated to ensure it is/remains effective as an educational programme for pre-school children, and as a casualty reduction tool. The research has consistently proven that The Club has the ability to help save lives, and influence the life long habits of children as road users from a pre-school age. 

Casualty Stats in the UK

In 2011, reported child casualties were 19 per cent lower than in the 2005-09 base period and the number of children killed or seriously injured was 21 per cent lower. Child fatalities alone, the 2011 figure was 53 per cent lower than in the base period.

We are confident that the Children’s Traffic Club will have contributed significantly to this. However we never lose sight of the fact that each casualty is one too many!

The success of the scheme has been immense

Scotland: For over 15 years The Scottish Government funded free membership for every 3 year old in Scotland and are proud that it has contributed to an amazing 73% reduction in the number of children being killed or seriously injured on the roads in that period.

Wales: In 2002, The Welsh Assembly funded the translation and production of The Club material in Welsh. This allowed Welsh local and health authorities to offer membership in their areas, with the option of parents receiving the books in the language of their choice. A 32% decrease in the number of children being killed or seriously injured since The Club began in Wales reflects its success.

Since 2003, Transport for London has funded free memberships for all 3 year olds living in London. 2010 saw a 57% decrease in the number of children being killed or seriously injured on the roads.

Overall impact of The Club

  • 49% reduction in pedestrian casualties
  • 20% reduction in casualties involving children emerging from behind
    parked vehicles
  • 12% fewer overall road casualties than non-members

Positive behavioural and attitudinal changes

  • Reduces the number of children who play on the streets
  • Increases the number of carers who hold their child’s hand when out
  • Increases the proportion of children who always stop when told
  • Increases carers’ road safety education of children and number of teaching
    methods used
  • Helps children identify roadside objects, safe routes to walk, places to play
    from a picture
  • Gives children knowledge of how to cross a road safely.

Our most recent members’ survey in 2010 reported:

  • A 20% increase in children holding hands when out
  • A 33% increase in children “stopping” when told
  • A 47% increase in children playing away from traffic
  • The overall satisfaction level of parents/carers was exceptionally high
  • 100% of parents said ‘The Club had helped the member to become more
    road safety aware’
  • 95% of parents said ‘The Club had helped them personally to become more
    road safety aware’
  • 98.4% of parents felt The Club helped them’ teach their children road safety skills’
  • 98% highly recommend the Club as a road safety programme
  • 86% were helped to teach other children in the household
  • Over 50% of parents used the material at least once per week.